Flare Shade’s business and premium printed patio umbrellas are our signature product ranges. Flare Shade has an extensive range of commercial grade patio umbrellas designed for all applications and for customers from restaurants, cafes & hotels, through to small local businesses. Flare Shades premium patio umbrellas include the square Saville and the octagonal Saville. These umbrellas are designed as the strongest, and highest quality printed patio umbrellas in the industry. Catering to all clientele, Flare Shade also offers the business patio umbrella range in both square and hexagonal. This umbrella range offers the perfect compromise between both strength and budget.  Read More


Available Sizes

The Flare Shade Saville patio umbrella is available in three square sizes: 6×6′, 8×8′ and 10×10′. The Saville umbrella frame is made from commercial grade aluminum and comes in either black or polished anodized silver. The strength and stability of the frame is derived from the stylish 30 face signature pole which has a diameter of two inches and also from the heavy duty aluminum canopy ribs. The canopy is available in a large array of vibrant colors in our imported Spanish acrylic fabric that has a five year fade resistant warranty . Custom printing is also available.








Available Sizes

The Flare Shade Saville patio umbrella is available in four stylish octagonal sizes with a diameter of 8′, 10′.11′ and 13′. The commercial grade aluminum frame comes in black or polished anodized silver. The stability and strength of the Saville patio umbrella is derived from both the heavy duty reinforced canopy ribs and also from the 30 face signature pole which has a two inch diameter. The canopy is available in a huge range of vibrant colors which can be custom printed. Imported from Spain, Recasens canopy fabric will endure many years under the sun and comes with a five year fade resistant warranty.








Available Size

Classic patio umbrellas are the perfect shade solution for restaurants, cafes or around the home barbecue or pool. They are available in either a 6×6′ square umbrella or a 9′ octagonal umbrella. The 1.5 inch pole fits neatly into the center of any table or can be set up in our steel umbrella holder. The umbrella canopy is available in a range of vibrant heavy duty acrylic fabric that has a Flare Shade five year fade resistant warranty. The Classic patio umbrella canopy can also be custom branded with your business name and logo.








Available Sizes

The 9′ octagonal Classic patio umbrella is both stylish and strong. The 1.5 inch pole is designed to fit into any restaurant, café or pool side table. The frame is made from aluminum and will endure many years under the sun. The canopy is manufactured from our Flare Shade acrylic fabric that has a five year warranty against fading. Custom printing options are also available.








Flare Shade offers custom branding on the entire patio umbrella offering including the Business range, Saville range & Matisse range. Custom commercial grade patio umbrellas and branded restaurant umbrellas are printed using either screen printing or UV printing technology. Screen printing offers the advantage of being able to print directly on both Recasens and Olefin fabric. UV printing is a state-of-the-art technology that allows unlimited color printing on the entire patio umbrella canopy.

Flare Shade’s team has over 18 years of experience designing, manufacturing and printing shade products. With this we have developed a streamlined process for ordering, designing and delivering custom printed patio umbrellas. Simply place your order online and upload your logo at the checkout. A Flare Shade graphics designer will then reach out to you with a free mock-up. After you approve the mock-up we will produce your custom patio umbrella and deliver within approximately two weeks with free shipping.

Connector Hub

Flare Shade’s Saville Patio Umbrella range are equipped with a heavy duty, aluminum central connection hub. This connection hub custom designed by Flare Shade allows seamless gliding and additional strength.

Custom Printing

Flare Shade Patio Umbrellas can be completely custom branded. Custom patio umbrellas are produced using either screen printing or UV printing technology. Custom patio umbrellas are perfect for restaurants and businesses looking to promote their brand.

Frame Color

Flare Shade Patio Umbrellas are available in both anodized black and silver. 


Flare Shade Patio Umbrellas can be mounted on our 26lb black steel base plates, available to add to your order. If windy conditions are expected, additional weight plates can be purchased. Other items such as battery LED lights are also available.

Flare Shade Outdoor Umbrella - 13


Peace of mind with our lengthy manufacturer’s warranties on all pop up canopies. Five years on the X6 frame, ten years on the X7 frame and one year on the canopy cover.

Flare Shade Outdoor Umbrella - 16


Advanced UV printing technology available to assure your custom tent will have maximum color retention.

Flare Shade Outdoor Umbrella - 15


Flare Shade has the strongest pop up canopies on the market. Secure them to the ground tight and they are guaranteed a long life.


Flare Shade Saville Patio Umbrellas

Flare Shade Saville patio umbrellas embody the essential characteristics of the finest of European umbrellas. Developed from three dimensional draft concepts the streamline design evolved and is the quintessence of umbrella shade structures internationally. The Saville’s thirty face diamond edge styled pole and stylish matching reinforced ribs epitomizes the exceptional quality of the Flare Shade patio umbrella range. The two center pole laser engraved hubs provide both lateral and pivotal strength which can only be afforded by adopting forged marine grade aluminum. The Flare Shade patio umbrella frame is available in either jet black or anodized silver. Strength, durability and design integrity make this Flare Shade range the best engineered unrivaled umbrella shade structure in its class. The choice of high performance fade resistant fabrics further enhances the overall design quality. Recasens was founded in Barcelona in 1886 and is a global manufacturer and supplier of acrylic textiles. Recasens is a proud sixth generation family business that has maintained core values with a company charter to supply fabrics that exceed market expectations.

Premium Branding Solutions

Canopy branding solutions turn this contemporary shade structure into the perfect promotional medium. The Flare Shade management and graphics team offer over 17 years of unparalleled industry print experience. Our accomplished and skilled graphics team will work with you to achieve your ultimate printed patio umbrella design. Our graphics team is available either online for convenient communication or you can call and discuss your requirements with one of our onsite team members. We can also discuss and recommend which printing process is both cost effective and meets your business or companies brief. Flare Shade offers both screen printed umbrella canopies and also cutting edge ultra violet full color LED printing. Both printing processes offer advantages that our sales consultants can discuss and advise which best meets your application.

Classic Patio Umbrellas

The Flare Shade Classic Patio Umbrella range offers a stylish 1.5 inch diameter center pole umbrella that meets both quality and value parameters. The 1.5 inch pole will fit into any restaurant or cafe dining table. The all aluminum pole and ribs means many years of outdoor use without rust. The Classic Patio umbrella range comes standard with an acrylic canopy with a five year fade resistant warranty. The canopy can be screened printed on all panels with one to four color logos. Available in a square 6×6′ or an octagonal 9′ diameter. Steel bases are also available.


The only difference between the Matisse and the Saville patio umbrella is shape. The Saville is square while the Matisse is octagonal.

When comparing same size patio umbrellas in the Matisse and the Saville ranges, the Matisse range will offer greater coverage. A 10ft square Saville covers a larger area than a 10ft octagonal Matisse.

Yes, Flare Shade only focuses on commercial grade patio, restaurant, and café umbrellas. This strength is achieved with an impressive 2” wide center pole, thick aluminum material and metal sliding connectors.

Yes, absolutely. Whether you want to replace an old roof, change color, or add some custom branding Flare Shade can assist.

Plain patio and restaurant umbrellas can be ship within 3-4 business days. Custom printed items will require about one – two weeks to be delivered to you. Time frames are subject to stock availability.

Olefin is a synthetic polypropylene that was first manufactured in Italy in 1957. The advantages of Olefin include that it is very ecofriendly to produce, t is chemically stain resistant providing a natural waterproofing and preventing it from absorbing water, it dries exceedingly fast and it is UV and fade resistant.

RECacril fabric is imported from Spain from a family business called Recasens that has been producing high quality textiles since 1886. RECacril is a sun resistant died acrylic that represents the pinnacle of textile options for outdoor shade solutions.

PU Coated Polyester
For custom printed patio umbrellas and restaurant umbrellas Flare Shade uses 900D PU coated polyester. This fabric is heavy duty, waterproof and when combined with our state of the art UV printing technology is UV resistant and fade proof.

Yes, certainly. Flare Shade offers state of the art UV printing on heavy duty, 900D PU coated polyester. The advantage of UV printing over other traditional methods is that it will never fade.

At Flare Shade, our product focus is on high quality, commercial grade patio umbrellas. Our Matisse & Saville patio umbrellas are of the highest quality with a huge 2” wide center pole, aluminum brackets and the best European imported fabrics.

Everything fades eventually from exposure to the sun. However, our latest cutting edge UV print technology will last three times longer than standard digital sublimation printing. We also offer screen printing on our imported Spanish and Italian fabrics. We use high grade imported inks that have fade resistant inhibitors.

All Flare Shade patio umbrellas ship free to the continental United States.

Flare Shade graphic designers have 15 years of experience designing and branding outdoor shade solutions. All we need you to do is send us your logo and our team will look after the rest.

Flare Shade patio and restaurant umbrellas are available in a huge range of colors in both Olefin and Recasens. Click here for a full list of available colors.