The team at Flare Shade has been designing, manufacturing and distributing high-quality pop-up canopies for over 18 years. Flare Shade’s range of pop-up canopy tents includes only the best, market leading commercial grade aluminum tents. This range includes both the FX-6 and the FX-7. Both ranges are available in 10ft x 10ft, 10ft x 15ft and 10ft x 20ft.

All outdoor canopies come equipped with an all-terrain wheeled protective bag, steel stakes and a tie down kit and ship free to any location in the continental United States. Plain color pop up canopy tops are manufactured from a heavy duty PVC coated polyester fabric. Custom tents are also available with our digital paper sublimation printing process. A full range of accessories to accompany your pop-up canopy are available including tent side walls, weight plates, sandbags and much more.

Available Sizes

The FX-6 pop-up canopy is one of the most versatile outdoor canopy tents available. Its heavy-duty hexagonal legs and all aluminum build provide a high level of structural integrity while still being light enough to easily set up by one or two people. The connectors are made of marine grade extruded aluminum which makes this pop up canopy the strongest in its class. The FX-6 pop-up canopy is available in three popular sizes: 10×10′, 10×15′ and 10×20′. Custom printing is available on the canopy and side walls.

Available Sizes

10’x10′ Canopy   |   10’x15′ Canopy  |   10’x20′ Canopy

13’x13′ Canopy   |   13’x20′ Canopy  |   13’x26′ Canopy

16’x16′ Canopy   |   20’x20′ Canopy  

The FX-7 is a heavy duty commercial grade pop up canopy. The polished aluminum frame boasts hexagonal legs that are over 2 inches wide and the oversized truss bars provide the lateral strength that make this canopy the strongest pop up on the market. The FX-7 pop-up canopy is perfect for extended use applications where a strong stable outdoor structure is required. The FX-7 can be custom branded on all canopy panels. The FX-7 is available in 10×10′, 10×15′, 10×20′, 13’x13′, 13’x20′, 13’x26′, 16’x16′ and 20’x20′. The FX-7 includes a heavy duty wheeled carry bag, steel pins and tie down straps.


Looking for branded umbrellas? Flare Shade also offers the world’s best commercial printed patio umbrellas.


Flare Shade offers pop up canopies in 10ft x 10ft, 10ft x 15ft and 10ft x 20ft. Each size is available in six different plain colors or can be custom printed. Each size is available in both the FX-6 Velocity and the FX-7 Tectonic.

10ft x 10ft

10ft x 15ft

10ft x 20ft


The Flare Shade team has over 18 years of experience designing and manufacturing pop-up canopies and custom tents. With this experience our team has developed an industry leading range of high quality, reliable and commercial pop up canopies. All pop up canopies offered for sale by Flare Shade come with a wide array of features such as geometrically advanced members, spring loaded roof tensioning systems, easy glide leg height adjustment, vibrant custom printing and much more.

Digital Printing

Flare Shade pop up canopies can be fully branded with our digital paper sublimation printing process. Using this process Flare Shade customers can print an unlimited number of colors & logos on their custom tent.

Aluminum Frames

Flare Shade offers only the highest quality aluminum pop up canopies. The FX-6 & the FX-7 pop up canopies are both equipped with large hexagonal aluminum legs & all aluminum connectors.

Easy Setup

Flare Shade pop up canopies can be installed in minutes. No installation work is required. Flare Shade pop up canopies set up easy due to the scissor action truss bars. The canopies are also equipped with multiple, easy adjustment height selections.


Flare Shade pop up canopies come with an all terrain wheeled protective bag, steel stakes and a tie down rope kit. Other pop up canopy accessories such as side walls, weight plates, sandbags and much more are also available.

Flare Shade Outdoor Umbrella - 13


Peace of mind with our lengthy manufacturer’s warranties on all pop up canopies. Five years on the FX-6 frame, ten years on the FX-7 frame and one year on the canopy cover.

Flare Shade Outdoor Umbrella - 16


Advanced UV printing technology available to assure your custom tent will have maximum color retention.

Flare Shade Outdoor Umbrella - 15


Flare Shade has the strongest pop up canopies on the market. Secure them to the ground tight and they are guaranteed a long life.


Custom canopies are available with both the X6 and X7 pop-up frames. Flare Shade offers both full color digital sublimation & UV printing options. Custom tents are ideal for anyone attending an event, trade fair or function who is looking to stand out from a crowd. With our 18 years experience in producing custom tents, Flare Shade as made the process easy. Simply select your tent size and order online. Custom graphics can be submitted during the checkout process. After placing your order and submitting your artwork an experienced Flare Shade graphics designer will give you a call to discuss your requirements and then begin to make a free design layout. After you approve the design of the custom tent we will begin production and then delivery the custom tent to you with free shipping.


Flare Shade Pop up canopy tent range

Flare Shade offers both plain and printed commercial level pop up canopies. Available in either the FX-6 or FX-7 all aluminum frames which have been sold around the world since 2003. Both the FX-6 and FX-7 canopies are manufactured with marine grade T6 aluminum legs and truss bars. The connectors are made from extruded aluminum which provides the highest level of lateral strength and robustness. The FX-6 has a medium weight commercial grade frame.

The FX-6 can be easily set up in 60 seconds by two people and is perfect for schools, clubs or businesses that attend exhibitions and trade shows. The FX-7 is our super heavy duty pop up canopy and boasts the strongest frame on the market. The FX-7 is suitable for those who are attending events that span for several days or require a temporary shade solution. The FX-7 pop up canopy tent has been manufactured for outdoor use with strength and stability as its primary design function. Flare Shade pop up canopy tents are available in three sizes: 10×10′, 10×15′ and 10×20′. They can be set up fast and will fit into most small cars or pickups.

Canopy tent branding

Flare Shade canopy tents come in a large range of plain colors or can be branded with company logos or full photographic images. Both the canopy top and side walls can be printed. Artwork can flow from one canopy panel to the next creating the ultimate promotional pop up tent. Side walls can be printed on one or both sides. Our onsite graphic artists can discuss your ideas and concepts and will provide a visual mockup before sign-off and going to print. Flare Shade uses new technology full color digital printers. LED Ultra Violet printing is also available which offers a fade resistant period three times longer than standard digital sublimation printing. Our fabrics meet and exceed all fire retardant standards.

Canopy Tent care and maintenance

Your Flare Shade pop up canopy tent will last for many, many years if set up and used in accordance with guidelines. When setting up your new canopy it is recommended that two people open the canopy. Stickers on the truss bars indicate where to grasp the truss bars. If opened correctly the frame will open easily. After the canopy is fully opened and connectors locked into position weight plates or steel pins and guide ropes should be used in any outdoor use. This will prevent the pop up canopy from being damaged by gusts of wind.

Flare Shade outdoor canopy tents are temporary structures and should be packed down in adverse weather conditions. They should also not be left unattended. To clean the canopy and side walls we recommend using a mild dishwashing detergent mixed with water. The canopy must be completely dry before stowing away.


The FX-7 canopy is perfect for anyone purely looking for a strong & durable tent. The FX-7 is the strongest pop-up canopy available on the market. However, with superior strength comes additional weight due to larger and thicker members. If you need a heavy-duty pop-up canopy that is also light weight then the FX-6 is the best choice for you.

Plain pop-up canopies will usually ship within 2 business days. Custom tents require 1-2 weeks. Shipping timeframes are subject to stock availability. Flare Shade does have the ability to rush orders. Give our team a call if you have an urgent due date and we can make it happen.

Yes. All Flare Shade pop up tents come with wheeled protective bags. These bags are equipped with 4” wheels designed for use on all terrains.

Shipping is free provided you are within the continental United States.

Flare Shade tents have a clearance of 6’ 7”. Every pop-up canopy will have three height selections available. 6’ 7” clearance is achieved when the canopy is set to the highest leg height selection.

Absolutely. All Flare Shade products are waterproof.

Cheap pop-up canopies sold in department stores for beaches, parks etc. certainly have their application. Flare Shade, however, caters to the commercial end of the market by supplying businesses and organizations with heavy duty tents that they can use consistently and for long periods of time.

10 years for the FX-7 frame, 5 years for the FX-6 frame and 1 year for the fabric. This is a manufacturer’s warranty.

Properly securing the tent to the ground is the most important thing in preserving the longevity of the product. All Flare Shade pop up canopies come with a steel pin and tie-down rope set. If you are going to use the pop-up canopy on a hard surface, we have steel weight plates, PVC sandbags and water weights available.

All we need you to do is provide us a high-resolution copy of your artwork. Our graphics team will then put together an artwork layout (after receiving your design instructions). You can then request any changes you like to the layout. Upon your formal approval of the design for print we will begin production.

Yes – You can, provided your pop up canopy was purchased from either Flare Shade or Extreme Canopy. If your tent was purchased from any other brand there is no guarantee our roof will fit the frame.

With a custom tent package you will receive the frame, wheeled bag, steel pins, tie-down ropes and the custom roof. The custom roof can be printed over the entire surface. You can have as many colors, logos, and photos printed as you like at no additional price.

Setting up a pop up canopy is very simple. Just follow the step-by-step instructions included in the package. A two person team is recommend for erecting a pop up canopy. It may take you around 5 minutes the first time setting one up, but you’ll quickly find just how easily and swiftly they can be installed – normally around two minutes.