Flare Shade Cantilever Umbrellas are a robust, streamlined, premium shade solution. Flare Shade cantilever umbrellas are functionally unique in that they have been designed and engineered with the support pole to the side creating an unobstructed shaded space below. The Flare Shade Cantilever umbrella series can be rotated through 360 degrees and the canopy can be tilted to achieve the desired shade position. Flare Shade cantilever umbrellas are available in a stylish square design and a European octagonal inspired design. Cantilever umbrellas are perfect for home poolsides, resorts, or cafes and restaurants. Read More


Available Size | 13’x13′ Square   11’x11′ Square

The Flare Shade 11×11 and 13×13 foot square Cantilever umbrellas are the perfect side pole adjustable shade solution. The side mounted pole allows for uninterrupted shade below. The canopy can both rotate through 360 degrees and also be tilted to provide shade exactly where it’s needed. The polished commercial grade aluminum frame offers many years of use. Perfect for resorts, cafes, restaurants or just around the home poolside.








Available Sizes | 13′ Octagonal

The 13 foot Flare Shade octagonal cantilever umbrella is strong, stylish and offers flexibility of shade position through a 360 degree rotatable canopy. This modern, stylish umbrella can also be tilted to fine tune the direction you need to block the sun. Tables and chairs can be positioned directly underneath and the cantilever umbrella can be easily adjusted to maintain shade throughout the day. The cantilever frame is manufactured from a marine grade extruded aluminum which provides great strength and stability in outdoor weather conditions.








Flare Shade can turn your cantilever umbrella into a cost effective promotional product. Your new cantilever umbrella shade solution can also become your marketing solution. Flare Shade has a graphic artwork department that can render your design into a 3D visual mock up so you can see how your cantilever umbrella will appear prior to manufacturing. Our team can also assist you with a complete artwork service including logo designs for those businesses that need this extra level of assistance. Flare Shade uses a 3D custom printing process on all cantilever umbrellas. The resultant product will last years without fading and provide both cool shade for customers and patrons and also promote your business.

Cantilever Umbrellas V's Center Pole Umbrellas

Custom printed cantilever umbrellas offer a very practical solution for shade and for advertising. Flare Shade cantilever umbrellas are screen printed directly onto our imported acrylic long lasting fabric.  Our screen printing process applies a thick layer of ink to the surface which will be fade resistant for years.

The center pole umbrella also has a number of advantages. Center pole umbrellas come in a variety of strengths and sizes. Printed patio umbrellas are generally lighter weight than commercial umbrellas with center poles. The Flare Shade umbrella has a 30 face signature 2″ diameter pole. The Flare Shade Saville series is ideally suited for restaurants and cafes and are easy to close and put away if required. Commercial grade center pole umbrellas are generally more heavy duty than cantilever umbrellas and more suited for permanent applications. The Flare Shade cantilever umbrella is a commercial grade umbrella however should be wound down when unattended. Flare Shade commercial center pole umbrellas and center pole cafe umbrellas both have imported textiles available to manufacture the canopy. Cantilever umbrellas and center pole umbrellas both have advantages and benefits depending on the application.

A Cantilever Umbrella and a Center umbrella will both have advantages depending on the application and use it is required to meet. Cantilever umbrellas have several very useful benefits. Firstly, the most significant factor of a cantilever is that the pole is to one side thereby leaving the complete area under the umbrella clear of any obstructions. Chairs and tables can be positioned anywhere under the cantilever umbrella canopy. The second feature of the cantilever umbrella is that it can be completely rotated and moved through 360 degrees. This is significant as the shade can be moved where-ever you need it to be.

Instead of patrons at a cafe or restaurant finding one or two must sit in the sun, the simple rotation of the cantilever umbrella allows all to sit in the shade. As the sun moves so can the cantilever umbrella. The third feature that makes the cantilever umbrella one of the most useful shade structures in its class is the ability to tilt the canopy through a range of angles. Tilting the cantilever canopy allows for a fine tuning effect. The tilted canopy can be aligned with the sun providing a very efficient shade solution. Cantilever umbrella canopies also provide the perfect space to show off your company brand or restaurant.

Handy Side Support

The word cantilever refers to a horizontal structure that is fixed or supported at only one end. As the name implies, cantilever umbrellas rest upon a side-standing adjustable frame pole. This affords unrestricted cover and maximum shaded area for the user.

High Quality Fabric

We offer mutliple choices of durable, long-lasting canopy fabric for the cantilever umbrella top. Both Italian Tempotest and imported Spanish Recacril are known for their resilient and enduring characteristics, ideal for all weather conditions.

360° Rotation

The unique cantilever umbrella frame features full rotational functionality for conveniently positioned shade no matter the direction of rain or shine.

Durable Rib Network

A sturdy web of extruded aluminum support bars braces the umbrella span, simultaneously fortifying the frame structure and bolstering the canopy span.

Flare Shade Outdoor Umbrella - 13


Our complete product selection is backed by warranty cover specific to each range. 

Flare Shade Outdoor Umbrella - 16


State-of-the-art UV print technology is available on certain materials for maximum color retention. 

Flare Shade Outdoor Umbrella - 15


Flare Shade umbrellas are steadfast in all weather conditions including heavy winds and rain.